Our Post-Residential Care or After Care Services , an adjunct of the New Beginnings Program, ensures the smooth transition of the girls once they are reintegrated back to their families/relatives or other alternative placement.

Our New Beginnings Program addresses the healing and recovery of sexually abused female minors, aged 7-17 years old. Its services include home life, formal education, adjunctive therapy, individual and group counselling, basic health services, family counselling and after care services.

Our Receiving Home Program provides an alternative home environment for abandoned, surrendered, neglected and dependent children aged 0-4 years old with the end goal of permanently placing them with either their birth families, relatives or adoptive families.

Our Foster Care Program facilitates the placement of the children with an alternative family while waiting for permanent placement. Each child placed in a foster home benefits from the one-to-one care that a nurturing family home environment can give.

Our Community Advocacy and Prevention Program facilitates activities for the promotion of the rights of women and children, and assists in advocacy campaigns for their protection from any form of abuse or violence against women and children.

Our Volunteer and Resource Generation Program develops and maintains a pool of volunteers and resource networks to expand the organization's capacity to deliver optimum service. Volunteers' interests, talents, expertise, and resources are mobilized and utilized to serve the interest of the children and support the needs of the programs.