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Time goes rushing by -  yet every once in awhile, if we are lucky,  there is a moment of confirmation that reminds us of what we are all about.

Recently on a muggy, overcast afternoon just such a moment occurred when a CRIBS caregiver arrived in our offices carrying a tiny, carefully wrapped bundle. Inside the small,cradled bundle was the newest addition to our family - a little girl named Niña. She was only a few days old and was received with all the joy and excitement that such a gift deserves. One would never think that this scene had been reenacted countless times. Each child is received as if she were the first to arrive on our doorstep, And that is why we exist

In our desire to care for Niña  and the rest of the children surrendered to our care, members of our Board have been searching diligently for the perfect, affordable property on which to build a new,safe, more secure home - one that will provide space and safety. Thanks to their unrelenting efforts and the great generosity of our donors, we are close to finalizing the purchase of a green, and leafy property.  It has ample room for our New Beginnings program as well as for our Receiving Home and offices. There will even be space for a longed for playground! Spearheading this search have been Marites Ingles and CB Garrucho, aided by Mariles Tolosa,Cristina Estrada, and Giselle Macaventa. . Such has been their enthusiasm that even husbands have volunteered to help! We have benefited from the advice of many and give particular thanks to Board member Ding Nera.

So many good people help us. We must give special thanks to the Juniclair Foundation for its great generosity over the past three years. We are particularly thankful that they take the time to visit and encourage us. This year Mme. Marianne Ruggieri and M. Benoit Gillet joined us for a meeting and stayed for a simple lunch and conversation with our NB girls.Their kind observations regarding our progress were much  appreciated 

Blessings come at unexpected moments and we are indebted to .Meralco for gifting us with five much needed  computers for our students. We are also hopeful of soon receiving a much needed van for transporting our children and staff.  This hope is fueled by the kindness of unexpected volunteers who have offered to help us with fund raising for the purchase of such a vehicle.

We continue to do our best to give hope and affection to as many children  as we can responsibly care for and our staff does all they can to keep them as safe as possible. As an example of this, the CRIBS staff and children recently had two days of instruction on the safety measures to be taken in case of an  earthquake.

Until the next update of our activities, the CRIBS  family sends you many good thoughts and thanks to all of you who help make our work possible.