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Filipino charity CRIBS Foundation, Inc., recognised for providing care to neglected, abused and

exploited children, is one of 23 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) worldwide to receive a 2016

Stars Impact Award.


Stars Foundation follows a rigorous referral and selection process to find, recognise and reward

outstanding local NGOs working to improve the wellbeing and life chances of children in the countries with the highest rates of under-five mortality.



In the Philippines around 1.8 million children (more than one per cent of the entire population) are

abandoned or neglected, according to UN figures.


Natural disasters, armed conflict and extreme poverty are among the causes for child abandonment,

while some parents are simply unable to be responsible parents. In 2014, the Department of Social

Welfare and Development indicated that 4,316 children were in need of special protection.


Abandoned children are often forced to work, exposing them to dangerous conditions. In 2015, the

Ecumenical Institute for Labor Education Research found that 23 per cent of households in

plantation communities employed children while 14 per cent of mining workers are children, some

aged five. These children miss school and face bullying, assault, sexual violence and trafficking.


Child abuse remains a serious problem confronting Filipino children. Eight out of 10 risk being

victims of sexual abuse or bullying online, according to UNICEF. An international poll found that 50

per cent of Filipino children think that friends participate in risky behaviours while using the internet.


CRIBS Foundation, Inc. – established in 1979 – provides temporary care to dependent, neglected,

abandoned and surrendered infants, and abused and exploited children. It was the first foster care

organisation in Manila and also supports sexually abused child victims of human trafficking.


It provides immediate support to children while advocating for child rights on a community level.

Through its programmes and services, CRIBS offers an alternative home environment for abandoned

or neglected children up to four years of age.


The organisation facilitates the placement of children within family care, addresses the healing and

recovery of sexually abused girls, helps reintegrate girls into their families and provides education

and information for the promotion of women’s and children’s rights.


CRIBS has reached 150 people in 2015, including 101 children.

Muna Wehbe, CEO of Stars Foundation – "For ten years the Stars Impact Awards have identified and

awarded outstanding locally-led organisations that are making an impact on the lives of children.


These organisations are beacons of effective practice and know best when it comes to spending

their award funding. Unrestricted funding helps local charities light their own path toward becoming

stronger, creating more sustainable futures for themselves and the people they serve."


As part of the award package, the CRIBS Foundation, Inc. will receive US$50,000 of flexible funding

and capacity building support.


This year, Stars is awarding 23 organisations from 11 countries ranging from the Philippines to

Palestine for their work with disadvantaged children.


Representatives from each award-winning NGO will take the stage at the Philanthropreneurship

Forum, entitled ͞Generation Impact: Harnessing the Power of Giving͟ which will be held at the

Hofburg Palace in Vienna, Austria on 16 January 2017.