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Tis indeed the season of Joy at CRIBS! Our office is a veritable beehive of activity - Christmas cards being sold ( in fact, sold out!) , volunteers arriving, parties and programs being planned for our children, telephones ringing, and much good news being shared.

We were delighted to learn that, through the hard work of our staff, the DSWD awarded us a Level 2 score when they renewed our License and Accreditation for the Receiving Home and for our New Beginnings program. This will be good for the next four years. And helping to keep the spirit of Christmas alive and well, the plans for purchasing the property for our new building are well on their way towards finalization - as are the plans for its construction.

But the most rewarding of all the Season's offerings has been the many expressions of gratitude and joyfulness that we receive from our children themselves. These are their gifts to us. These are their gifts, as well, to all of you, our friends without whom we could not continue to care for  and heal these wonderful children. We would like to share their thoughts with you in their own :words:

Filipino charity CRIBS Foundation, Inc., recognised for providing care to neglected, abused and

exploited children, is one of 23 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) worldwide to receive a 2016

Stars Impact Award.


Stars Foundation follows a rigorous referral and selection process to find, recognise and reward

outstanding local NGOs working to improve the wellbeing and life chances of children in the countries with the highest rates of under-five mortality.